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Okay, so you've joined SecondsOld and you've begun receiving our early bird program alerts. What's next? Now it's time to promote, promote, promote! Below are some of the top forms of online advertising, and what we feel are the top 2-3 programs within each niche. The key to promotion is consistency. If you use the following methods of advertising daily, it is only a matter of time before you become a referral machine!

Paid Advertising
It's no secret that paid advertising offers the quickest and most effective method of generating referrals. If you have the funds available and are looking to jumpstart your business, there's no question that you should be doing paid advertising. Some of the top paid advertising websites include:

1. GBBG AGENCY - Digital advertising agency. Let experts develop and manage your entire campaign!

2. $9 Ad Network - For just $9 you get UNLIMITED clicks and impressions in front of hungry networkers.

Social Networks
Social Networks are websites like Facebook and Twitter that allow members to connect and socialize with like minded individuals. However, many social networks frown upon the use of their websites for marketing. Luckily, there are now some social networks completely dedicated to internet marketing. Some of the top marketing social networks include:

1. IBOToolbox - Social network with great blog platform highly favored by Google.

2. Apsense - Another great social network to connect and have posts quickly spidered by Google.

Traffic Exchanges
Traffic Exchanges are programs that allow users to browse other members' sites to earn credits which can then be exchanged for visitors to one's own site. You can surf multiple traffic exchanges at the same time to generate large amounts of traffic quickly. Some of the top traffic exchanges include:

1. Sweeva - The first traffic exchange with "social browsing". Get LIVE feedback about your website.

2. EasyHits4U - The largest traffic exchange with over 450,000 members! 1:1 surf ratio and 20 second timer.

3. TrafficG - Another well established traffic exchange with 1:1 surf ratio and 20 second timer.

Safelists are programs that allow members to mass email the member base in exchange for agreeing to receive emails from other members. Safelists are a great way to quickly reach a large audience. Some of the top safelists include:

1. GotSafelist - Free members can mail up to 2,500 people DAILY! Get 5,000 credits for joining.

2. State-of-the-Art Mailer - Free members can mail up to 3,000 people every 7 days! Highly responsive mailer.

3. Adchiever - Free members can mail up to 1,200 people DAILY! Get 300 credits for joining.

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